A few tracks from the sonic vault!


What people have to say!

Graham Dunning: The weekend was everything I expected and more. Above all it was amazing to meet so many lovely people. At first I was somewhat nervous about working with people I’d never met, but once I got my head round the way of working, building the tracks and collaborating, I felt more confident working. It was great to work with people I didn’t know, brings lots of ideas up and keeps it interesting.
Matt Gunn: Its straight down to the business of creating, very experimental and a lot of great fun. It inspired me to forget about convention, free up my creativity, stop thinking in straight lines, have a ball and set up my own label! Which is exactly what I did ! Its always great to work with other musicians, but the people who gather at this event are solid gold musical explorers, I went on to collaberate and release tracks and do gigs with people I met at sonic weekend.
Karl Stirner: It showed me that I can be more compatible with people, than I thought I could….
Mark E Pitt: I Didn’t know what really to expect, I knew it would be fun and musical shenanigans would be involved, I didn’t expect it to be as informal as it was which I liked. It was good to work with other talented people outside my usual network and see how they work. It was also good for getting new ideas. I really enjoyed meeting new people that are truly interested in electronic music.
David Davis: I attended the first Sonic Weekend, back in 2007. I thoroughly enjoyed it. There was a great atmosphere amoung the participants. Above all, the best bit was to come away having been involved in producing several excellent pieces of music that I could never have planned in advance nor created on my own.
Margarita Angel: I had imagined how could it be, and it was beyond that. It was great to work with people of differents backgrounds and age, that I had just met, they were all nice and really talented people. The most amazing of the weekend was that we record 16 tracks !! It was a fulfilling experience. I really enjoyed it.

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